Jinifit - Jini Cicero
Jini Cicero

Who We Are

We care about bodies. Every body.
We are forward in thinking and action.
We look backward for humility.
We are serious but love to have fun.
We love chocolate.
We train some famous people.
We train many more not so famous people.
We believe in playing like a child.
We believe in modeling regular exercise for our children.
We are consistently on time.
We like to have a good time.
We obsess over form.
We believe that what is measurable is manageable.
We turn mile-pebbles into milestones.
We never surrender to mediocrity.
We never miss a meal. Ever.
We create an environment of mutual respect.
We respect our environment.
We believe in short duration high intensity cardio.
We believe in having a serenity plan.
We believe in providing clients with value.
We value our clients.
We are curious about everything.
We are stopped by nothing.
We are on a mission to make the world a fitter place.
We love what we do.
We are Jinifit.

We invite you to join us.