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How to Green Your Workout

Green WorkoutWhat exactly, is meant by “greening” a workout? In today’s eco-conscious society, there is a way to “green” almost anything, to make it more environmentally friendly. Eco-conscious products and practices go hand-in-hand with organic products which not only protect the environment, but they contribute to protecting our health too. Here are some ways to “go green” with your workout:

Begin by taking it out of the gym (conserving energy normally used to run cardio equipment, air-conditioning, lights, showers, etc.) and take it into the outdoors where the air is fresh, and the earth is ... uneven? That’s right. Working out in a gym is a controlled environment. Outside, our bodies are continually challenged by inclines, declines, obstacles, and wind resistance. These “unpredictable” variables put more emphasis on strengthening the core while developing more of the smaller, stabilizing muscles that support and give structure to joints like ankles and knees. Moving your workout outdoors puts a greater emphasis on body resistance exercises. Many of these exercises typically done in the gym can be easily adapted to an outdoor setting. With just a little creativity, things like push-ups, lunges, step-ups, standing abdominal work, and more, can all be done with what’s available outside. One of the bests benefits of all? Communing with nature. It’s simply one of the best de-stressing strategies there is. And just think of all the vitamin D you’re getting!

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If all that exercise is making you a bit thirsty, try bringing along a stainless steel water bottle. You eliminate the use of a plastic bottle (that’s one less plastic bottle in the landfill) and you save your body from the potentially dangerous chemicals that leach into the water you’re drinking when those plastic bottles get heated up. And speaking of dangerous chemical … particle-blocker based sunscreens (Solar Rx makes a good one) are a great way to get broad-spectrum sun protection without the dangerous chemicals that your skin absorbs when using chemical-blocker based sunscreens. Scientists have found that many such chemicals in our air and water supplies are contributing to a bleaching effect of the world’s coral reefs. Hungry? Take along the perfect snack. A nutritious, organic apple has a biodegradable core instead of that plastic wrapper that most protein bars come in (and they’re far better for you too). There are many more products that offer a benefit to both you and the environment. Bamboo clothing is one of the softest, most comfortable fabrics you’ll ever put on. And it’s rapidly renewable because-it’s a weed! It has the same thermal properties as silk so it keeps you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

So go green! Your body and your planet will thank you!