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Other Training Programs

One-on-One Training

Other Training ProgramsSomeone once said to me “there’s no motivation like someone standing over you, making you do it.” They had a point…it’s pretty hard to cancel the session when it’s 6:00 A.M., you’ve pre-paid, the trainer has let herself in the front door-and she’s showing no mercy.

Some people are very self-motivated; they know what has to be done and they get it done without resistance. Others are motivated but they need a nudge to get them started. Once you’re up and moving, there’s nothing like the personalized attention of a private session where more focus can be placed on uncovering individual muscular imbalances and weaknesses, custom design and programming (based on your individual preferences), and the advantage of working with an experienced professional who knows how to get your best from you.

Jini only works with a select few private training clients at a time. Please email her team at getfit@Jinifit.com to inquire about any open spots or to be placed on her waiting list.

Semi-Private Training

The main obstacle to overcome for many people who want to get in great shape, is the cost. Semi-private training, the newest business model in the fitness industry, overcomes that obstacle. With semi-private training, participants work out together, 3 to a group-and they also split the cost of the session 3 ways (the same can be done with 2 people), eliminating the affordability issue. Exercises and progressions are not the same for a given group of people working together. A 40-something stay-at-home-mom can be paired with a 15 year-old high school hockey player and each will get a challenging work out appropriate to their goals and fitness level.

In the same way that a good coach can make a big difference in your results, a training partner/team can offer support and motivation as part of a new paradigm; different than the traditional one-on-one model. Supervision and instruction alone may not be entirely responsible for fitness success. Social support can be a big part of it. It's clear that together they’re an unbeatable combination. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why semi-private training seems to get better results than one-on-one training.

There are a limited number of semi-private training slots available. Please email us at getfit@Jinifit.com to inquire about availability.