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Lou in the water

NSCA So. Cal. Clinic, Cal State, Fullerton

I know it’s cliché to “brag” about your kids – especially your grandkids! And now, thanks to facebook, we can add dogs and cats to that list of boring. I never want to be one of those people who bore you with pictures of their dog. Never! So I’ll just say that Big Louie is NOT boring! You may have seen on facebook that I took him to the beach last weekend to “introduce” him to the ocean. But, as you can see on the right, I had to beg him to give it a try.

As you read this, I’ll be down in Orange County, CA, part of a team that is putting on a conference for NSCA certified fitness professionals. Most the speakers (and attendees) are strength and conditioning coaches and they will no doubt have some fantastic information to share.

Many of my clients brace themselves when I come back from a conference (with more to add to my bag of tricks)…they somehow see it as more potential pain. I, I, don’t understand….?

Have I talked to you about EXOS Performance Nutrition? In case I have, then, I’ll be brief. EXOS are the top dogs in athletic performance training working with professional and elite athletes. Their client list is packed with NFL (they train many players for the Combine), MLB, NHL and APSL athletes (not to mention Olympians.) They really know what they’re doing.

Now EXOS have also become the leaders in sports performance nutrition. By now, you know my stance on supplements for athletic performance: save your money! But then there’s EXOS. Their products are formulated for these elite and professional athletes. And you know, the pros have to be very conscious about what they take because they’re routinely, randomly tested for performance enhancing substances which could potentially get them disqualified from competing in a game or event. So they can’t afford to take just anything.

That’s why EXOS chose Thorne Research (my favorite supplement company) to manufacture their line of supplements. Many of the products in this line are NSF Certified for Sport. This important designation guarantees the products are free of any performance enhancing substances. If you’re interested in taking supplements, then you need to take the best. Check out EXOS Performance Nutrition at www.EXOSfuel.com. Great, effective products! (No, this is not an affiliate link, I just love the products.)