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Goodbye... for now

Goodbye... for now

I often hear the most seriously motivated among us say, “failure is not an option.” It’s a catchy phrase. But, I really don’t think it’s true. Failure happens; all the time. It’s common. When you get down to it yeah, it actually is an option.

I used to think to that to fail at something was catastrophic, shameful…crying time.

But I’ve changed. When I think of failure now, I think of new beginnings, a fresh start. I think of it as “nothing more than a lesson provided to you so you may obtain the tools necessary for your ultimate success.” Can’t find who to attribute that quote to but it works for me.

And how’s that for a positive spin?

You know, I do mean it sincerely.

This is farewell. It’s time. After 4 years of publishing Throwing a Fit, I’m throwing…in the towel. The truth is, I’ve failed. I set out to publish a content-rich ezine every other week that would educate and inspire my readers to pursue a healthier lifestyle and attitude toward wellness; peppered with humor and underlined with gratitude.

The blogs I included were meant to be educational. They were topics I thought were sure to interest my readers because they were about things that interested me and afforded me a great excuse to go deeper and research the (real) science behind the gym science.

I included the Out and About section to share a bit about me, personally, so that the well/fit lifestyle I led could be seen as tangible, even fun–I certainly find it to be. It was also a way to be seen as someone, after 25 years in the business that my readers could know, like, and trust. This, the marketing experts told me, is the way to acquire customers because customers only buy from people they know, like and trust.

I know the word “profit” has become vilified in our society. Or, maybe it’s just obscene profit that’s tainted. What about no profit? Is that acceptable?

I think not. And that’s the bottom line. Throwing a Fit was created to drive readers to make purchases on my website that as a business owner, I would make a profit on. Supplements, books, small pieces of exercise equipment, and the main attraction: my Virtual Training System, is what I sold. Only they didn’t sell. It or I, did not accomplish that goal –and a business exists for one reason: to make a profit.

Did I provide a service to my readers in exchange for the privilege of obtaining their email addresses with the potential of being able to sell something valuable to them? I think I did. Geez, I hope you got something out of it!

And it was so much fun! I loved putting together the chocolate page, and the music pages; for fun and inspiration as well as highlighting quality products I believed could make a difference in people’s lives.

But that isn’t enough to justify all the time and effort I put into it every other week (and every week in the case of my blog articles.) Unless you’ve done it yourself, you also have no idea the expenses associated with such a project.

So it’s time to move on. You, my clients, inspire me every, single, day. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity you have given me to teach you about my passion. I am so grateful to everyone that spent a few minutes of their precious, precious, time reading even a single word that I’ve written. I feel so privileged in that.

I will still be out here working with as people as my schedule will allow but until I have a new direction, something new and different to share with you, I will do what I do just a little more quietly for the foreseeable future.

Beginning next month, I will cease publishing Throwing a Fit and will limit my blog posts to once a month. I will continue to post inspiring stories, products, articles, studies and information on the Jinifit facebook page. I post some great videos, articles and “stuff,” I must say, so if you haven’t already liked that page, please go to www.facebook.com/Jinifit, like my page, and to continue to get some great inspiration each week while you increase your knowledge of health and fitness. Also search my name for articles on MindBodyGreen.

You’ll hear a little peep out of me every now and again – until I come roaring back with a whole new concept…then watch out!

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