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Griffith Observatory

View from The Griffith Observatory

As you read this, I’ll “just” be working out and relaxing on a Saturday, afterward.

But Sunday, I’ll be enjoying downtown L.A.’s brand-new Broad Museum. It’s a beautiful, modern structure with some very unique architecture. A nice hike and lunch will no-doubt precede our 2:00 pm tickets.

Downtown L.A. has enjoyed a complete resurgence in recent years and is THE place to be. So many incredible restaurants are there! We might even take the subway to get down there and make it a real “city” experience –something that requires a bit of an effort in this town.

I really have been out and about in this city lately. Last weekend, after living in L.A. for a lifetime, I finally made it to the Griffith Observatory. Somehow, I missed the field trips many of us took in high school to the observatory to see the “Laserium” shows. High-powered stargazing experiences were set to music back then and if I’m not mistaken, a laser “show.” I specifically remember Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon as the chosen soundtrack.

Maybe that still goes on?

Well, not many stars to observe at 1:00 on a Sunday afternoon but there was an incredible view as you can see. I will have to make a point of going back to view what one is intended to view there…the stars.

I hope you get out and enjoy the weekend. Look at it this way…Thanksgiving is only 19 days from now…wow. Time to speed up that metabolism before all that dietary debauchery kicks in.

Speaking of diet (are sensing one of my segues here?) Time to get your gut in order before you’re forced to really put it to the test. Find out what I’m talking about in this week’s blog post.