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As you read this, I’ll be in Anaheim, CA attending the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s annual Personal Trainer Conference. This will be a more academic conference than some of the others I attend throughout the year; which is fine by me. I look forward to the opportunity to sharpen my skills a bit.

…and my clients always look forward to my returning from these conferences with fresh tortures to dole out. Kidding!!

But there is always more to learn. As Dr. White, my favorite professor in college used to say, “Be a student of your sport!” I never forgot that –and I will always be a student of the sport of fitness.

I will also continue to be a student of nutrition as well. Here’s an interesting example:

Last weekend, I went to see The Intern, the new Robert DeNiro movie (cute, cute movie by the way. Love those feel-good movies!) Standing in line for some popcorn, (not a good choice mind you –even without the transfat topping called “butter”), I noticed the photo on the right.

Gluten-free “snack box” from Gopicnic boasting black bean dip, crispy roasted plantain chips, ginger zip fruit and nut mix, energy packed edamame seed blend, and candy-coated dark chocolate bites with tangerine centers for dessert. All with a big sticker that said, “Gluten free.”

Do I think this was a healthy choice? It come out of a box after all. So probably not in the strictest sense but it’s all about choices isn’t it? In any given situation, you can make a healthier choice. Instead of having overly-salted, high carbohydrate, saturated-oil popped GMO - corn drenched in a trans-fat topping, I had a gluten-free snack box with fruits, nuts and seeds - not in their most ideal form but still, a big improvement over the other options.

I found it interesting that they offer things like this in a movie theater these days. Could it be that there’s now a demand for it. Hmm…are people are starting to get it?