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Christmas in Connecticut, again

I don’t know about you but in spite of its “new beginnings” aspect and “looking ahead with hope” appeal, New Year’s isn’t my thing. I think of it as more of an excuse for drinking plenty of alcohol and a “forced” celebration. Nevertheless, I did partake and am glad I did; if just for the opportunity to spend time with friends. And God knows, we’ll all be operating on all cylinders come Monday morning so why not take advantage of those last hours of 2015? Ready, set, go is coming! Right?

I spent Christmas in Connecticut again this year and in spite of the horrors of doing the actual traveling (I was one of the thousands of travelers they spoke of on the news with long flight delays and other related miseries.) Christmas was another wonderful celebration spent with my sister and her family (yes, my precious nephews.) There they are on the right. We were “short” one nephew who is away on deployment with the U.S. Marines.

One thing I do love about the “space” between Christmas and New Year’s is the chance to really get organized. I typically spend this time throwing out old clothes, cleaning out dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets, creating the year’s new files, etc. It feels great to start out focusing on what I want to accomplish rather than dwelling on those nagging little projects that just never seemed to get done last year. Getting rid of useless junk helps me feel like I can breathe, literally, easier.

And I am really casual about New Year’s resolutions. I resolve to do a lot of things but the timeline isn’t as important to me as being aware of them and diligent are. I have my eye on the prize and thankfully, I am pretty clear on my goals. But when in doubt, write it down I always say. What gets measured, gets managed, right?

The coming year holds quite a few short jaunts to conferences, a “real” summer vacation, mostly already paid for! (that means getting on a plane and traveling somewhere), plus some very specific fitness goals which I will share with you as we go along this year.

Speaking of fitness goals…what was it that held you back from your fitness goals last year? Please do read my blog post this week so you can blast past those things that held you back in 2015 (it’s a good one.)

Happy New Year! Good things are coming!