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Fearless Chocolate - 70% Cacao


Just when I think I have tried every single chocolate on the market, I stumble onto a new and exciting one. Fearless Chocolate out of Berkeley, CA. I Iearned about them at the Natural Products Expo where I spend a good deal of time searching the show each year for the best chocolate.

There are so many cool things to tell you about this line that I don’t know where to start. Okay, yes I do. I’ll start with the bar’s shape. Their bars are shaped with a “bite” taken out of them, showing the portion of their proceeds that they give back to ChangeMakers nominated by customers on their website at www.fearlesschocolate.com/biteback. I think that is so cool!


Fearless chocolate bars are organic! Yay! That is hard to come by and, they’re superchocolate too. What is superchocolate? Superchocolate is artisan chocolate fashioned in a low-temperature environment to ensure optimal nutrition, vibrant flavor, and more antioxidants than conventionally roasted chocolate. So they’re really healthy-and they’ve added some really healthy ingredients like coconut and green tea that make them delicious AND healthy.

Their chocolate is simple, they say: No additives, no preservatives, no binders, no coloring, no nonsense. Bars range in cocoa percent from a steep 85 percent down to the 70 percent which they must contain to be classified as “dark” chocolate. Their 85 percent bar is called “Deepest Dark” and is made with crunchy cocoa nibs and sea salt. The next one down is a 75 percent bar called “Midnight” and that’s made with simple dark cocoa. The remaining bars are all 70 percent: “Green Tea Mint,” ”Super Seeds,”Coconut,” “Sweet and Hot,” “Superfruit,” and “Fair Trade Coffee.” I will leave the added ingredients in these 70 percent bars for you to discover and they are interesting, I will say that. Each flavor adds a healthy surprise so make sure you visit www.FearlessChocolate.com and order some today.