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Pure Madness ChocolateThe website is done up in hot pink and black. The video features Victoria’s Secret caliber models lounging around, out on-the-town, or otherwise just looking hot while runway “style” music plays in the background. I guess that’s what the public thinks of when we think of chocolate.

Do we? I never have. It seems like the message is “eat chocolate, (our chocolate) and you’ll look like this -while enjoying this level of fun.” But for some reason, I have reserved in my mind, the model/fashion show videos as selling me clothes or make-up or hair products or bras-not chocolate-but that’s just me. Maybe their analytics proved they had a majority of men visiting their site. More likely, they came to have more men visiting their site once word got out about it. The whole thing seems awfully Madison Ave. for chocolate.

Interesting marketing….I think. But I’m sure the guys won’t care.

Pure Madness

While some will see no connection between chocolate and fashion models, I say…whatever. It does what it’s supposed to do: grabs your attention. Its like lingerie models, modeling chocolate but what the heck…it’s just packaging-and like most women I know, great packaging is everything!

OK enough about the packaging. The chocolate is amazing. Pure Madness Chocolate is located in Manhattan but there is no brick and mortar store. You order online.

Pure Madness ChocolateI am fanatical about good toffee and Pure Madness Toffee is…pure madness! It’s that good! And the packaging is just fun, sexy-fun.

Check out these truffles, sipping chocolate, the gifts. There’s lots to appreciate. I especially appreciate the chocolate bars because they feature dark chocolate and as you know….dark chocolate IN MODERATION can be a good thing.

Christmas is coming you know. I think you will love giving Pure Madness Chocolates are gifts; maybe to the guys in your life? And to yourself of course.

I want it all and I want it now.