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K Chocolatier


You know you’re not in Kansas anymore when you see a cute little Chocolatier, pick up 3 very small bags of treats and…”that will be $72 sir,” comes out of the mouth of the cashier.

That happened to my brother recently and I was witness to this craziness when we took our nephew, in town for a visit, for brunch in Malibu. I know it’s Malibu but for goodness sake, the stuff isn’t gold! Or is it?

I couldn’t bring myself to pay those prices and figured I’d just help myself to my 1 piece limit from my brother’s stash (he did put one bag back by the way.)

The Chocolatier was called K, by Diane Kron. “Well Diane, this better be worth it,” was all I kept thinking.

After tasting one the kokonuts, I almost gave it to her – almost. Are they spectacular. Oh yes! But I still can’t condone those prices. Malibu or no Malibu. They also have a store in Beverly Hills (of course they do!) and New York City.

K Chocolatier Bears

They don’t really do chocolate by the piece as many other chocolatier do (unless you’re looking for party favors and theirs are soooo adorable! I’ll have to remember that for my next dinner party.) So that explains why they opt for all the small packages...they can charge more. Otherwise, everyone would just buy one piece. As they say….”if they can get it, more power to them.”

Their website (www.dianekron.com) has a page devoted to “customers” that reads like a program guide from the Oscars with a few corporations thrown in. But I guess that impresses some people. I get it. Celebrities do sell things. It’s a fact.

So check out K chocolatier on your next visit to Malibu, Beverly Hills, or New York City. Exact addresses are on their website.

Let me know what you think. I’m dying to know!