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Francois Payard


In 1990, Frenchman Francois Payard moved to New York City. Lucky us. With a long history of traditional French and American awards for his excellence as a pastry chef, Payard came to this country and after shining in several of New York City’s most exclusive restaurants, opened his own bakery in 2010. While the focus of this chocolate section is usually-chocolate, I couldn’t help but notice that one of Payard’s specialties is a box of classic Parisian Macaroons. This gorgeous pastel collection features flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, passion fruit, coffee, and pistachio.

Francois Payard 9-Piece Chocolate CollectionJust because the macaroons are so gorgeous, doesn’t mean the chocolate confections aren’t some of the most gorgeous that I’ve seen; they’re real works of art. The 9-piece chocolate collection features such beauties as Jivara milk and dark Caraibe chocolate with salted caramel, a Jivara milk sesame/almond praline, Jivara milk chocolate with fresh key lime, and the list goes on.

Payard has two locations in Manhattan. Francois Chocolate Bar on West 58th St. and The Francois Payard Bakery with two locations on 116 West Houston St. and on 210 Murray St. the next time I am in New York, I will be visiting-that is a promise.